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– Lepenski Vir Archeological Site and Museum – showing the remains of the Mesolithic culture of Lepenski Vir, as well as objects of vernacular architecture,

– Archaeological Museum of Djerdap in Kladovo – “Danube virtual museum”, part of the National Museum in Belgrade,

– Museum in Majdanpek – Collection of Majdanpek Quarry,

– Pena Gallery> – in the former ship-sygnalling station in the Kazan Gorge.

Marked hiking trails with interest points:

– Mali Štrbac (7.1 km)

– Veliki Štrbac (7.6 km)

– Kovilovo (1.2 km)

– Greben (2,4 km)

– Gradašnica Cave (1.7 km)

– Zlatno jezero (Golden lake) (4,3 km)

– Bosman – Sokolovac (10 km)

Cycling routes:

– Danube Cycling Route (EuroVelo 6, Donauradweg) – in two segments: Ram – Veliko Gradište – Golubac – Donji Milanovac (95 km); Donji Milanovac – Kladovo – Negotin – Bregovo (135 km). Detailed local trails are precisely marked on the published map “Hiking and Biking at the Iron Gate in Romania and Serbia”.

Sports/Recreation facilities

– Sports center within the Lepenski Vir Hotel in Donji Milanovac

– Sports center within the Majdanpek Hotel

– Sports center within the Aquastar Danube Hotel in Kladovo

– Marina in Donji Milanovac

– Beaches in Golubac, Donji Milanovac, Kladovo, etc.

– Fishing, hunting


– Ethno-Festival of Eastern Serbia (July, Kladovo)

– Djerdap Regatta Tekija – Kusjak (July, Tekija)

– Folklore Festival “Jorgovan Fest” (May, Miroc)

– Popular Music Festival “Teen” (July, Donji Milanovac)

– Danube Day – on June 29th – raising awareness on the significance of river conservation and rational usage of water resources

– Djerdap Sailing Cup (August, Donji Milanovac)

– Zlatna Bućka Djerdapa (fishing competition)

– Porečki Kotlić (cooking competition)